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How SkimDoctor 2.0 Catches More Leaves, Bugs, and Floating Debris in Your Skimmer Basket

If you’ve ever seen white water rapids, then you’ll understand how SkimDoctor 2.0 works.

It’s called the Bernoulli principle. When you narrow the width of the water channel, the water moves faster. Much faster!

SkimDoctor 2.0 uses adjustable gates to narrow the channel of the water flowing into the skimmer basket. Then, by forcing the incoming water to flow around the tube in two directions, you end up with a 3X Bernoulli effect.

Translation: 3X the power to clean your pool with no extra effort on your part.


Why Pool Owners Choose SkimDoctor 2.0

Backed by over 450 customer reviews, SkimDoctor 2.0 is an product. Here’s what pool owners have to say about SkimDoctor 2.0.

I have one in my pool and it works like magic!!!!!

JManGreat Skimming Product

I love it and it seems to help.

JboAugust 8, 2017

This thing is awesome.... wish it was a 2 pack. For some reason... I thought it came with 2. But the one I have works great.

Jeffrey A FischerMay 2, 2017

Really put my skimmers on steroids, NOTHING floating on the water any more. And pulling & emptying the basket became an easy operation.

Dr FahrenheitFebruary 11, 2017

Product works as advertised. Socks are a must for this as it enhances the product. My skimmer now works 100% better in my opinion.

George SetoMay 1, 2017

I love this thing bought one to make sure it worked buying one for the other skimmer now...

MichaelApril 8, 2017

Rec'd as promised ! Fits fine in skimmer & working great !! I ordered the socks to go with it as well - - very pleased

Barry HeathApril 15, 2017

Works great with our indoor spa Would recommend again

TylerWorks Great for indoor spas

Recommending to all our pool owning friends...

S. A. BarrettSeptember 17, 2017

Love it, works exactly as advertised. Arrived on time. Easy to reach & clean. Much better than "skim around" made the mistake of ordering than one first, which will be returned.

Kathleen RussoMarch 8, 2017

Works great, just a pain in the ass to disassemble to clean it out!

MikeMarch 10, 2017

My pool is so clean

William BirminghamMay 11, 2017

The product does seem to work as advertised...

viaraeApril 5, 2017

Say goodbye to leaves, bugs, dirt, pollen, and gunk in your pool!

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